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2006 Toyota Tacoma
by: Stuart Simpson

U-Haul makes some small trailer hitches that can be secured onto cars. These hitches usually canít be used to haul as much cargo as heavy-duty trailer hitches found on trucks, but they are still useful. Most car U-Haul trailer hitches can handle loads up to 2000 pounds. These hitches can be bolted onto the carí frame, usually using preexisting holes. This is a better option than welding the hitch to the frame, which can cause electrical problems and can make the frame much weaker.

U-Haul trailer hitches are not just made for cars. U-Haul manufactures a wide range of trailer hitches to accommodate almost any kind of vehicle. Their heavy-duty hitches can bear loads of up to 24,000 pounds. U-Haul trailer hitches are among the strongest on the market and can come with a lifetime unlimited warranty for an extra five dollars.

U-Haul is a one-stop shop for all towing needs. U-Haul sells all necessary brake controls and electrical wiring needed to make the trailer hitch completely functional. The law requires that trailer hitches be equipped with working brake lights and brakes, so it is vital that consumers make sure they purchase this equipment.

U-Haul is one of the top trailer hitch dealers in the country. U-Haul sells quality trailer hitches and accessories at low prices. Their lifetime warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

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